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  • Iris Shaders 1.18.1 & 1.17 – A New Shader Mod. December 14, 2021. Iris Shaders 1.18.1 is a brand new shaders mod suitable for both Minecraft 1.18 and 1.17. More than that, it also functions perfectly with Sodium.
  • To get shaders in Minecraft, simply create a new folder to store all your shaders. As for downloading the shaders, you can do so from either or These sites not only feature shaders but a variety of different features for players, like textures, maps, or worlds for you to download.
  • Go to in Safari. MCPEDL is a well-known site that hosts downloads for Minecraft PE, including shaders. There are a variety of other websites that allow you to download shaders—for alternatives, just search google for 'mcpack shaders' or 'shaders Minecraft PE.'
Shaders for Minecraft PE offers you all the popular shaders/texturepacks you need. Shaders are mods/addons for Minecraft, which make your game look much better.

How to Install Minecraft Shaders 1.18. Follow the steps below to get this done: – Optifine should be downloaded and installed. – Download any preferred shader pack of your choice. – After downloading the shader pack, open the Minecraft launcher using the OptiFine version. Options – Video Settings – Shaders.

Free Shaders🎮
Almost all of the shaders are free, and we only offer some pro shaders which you can unlock with diamonds. But you can also get them for free by completing tasks :)
Our MCPE Shaders🎇
We have the best shader mods for Minecraft PE out there. Realistic 4k shaders, even for slower devices. The MCPE shaders will enhance your Minecraft experience with vibrant colors, waving plants, beautiful skies and smooth realistic shadows.
Our shader features🔥
Pocket- Waving plant animations🌳
- Awesome clouds☁️
- Crystal clear water with animations🌊How To Download Shaders For Minecraft Pe
- Realistic shaders/textures💯
Supported versions
The app is very easy to use and the MCPE shaders can be imported directly into Minecraft.
We support almost every Minecraft version! If you have any problems, you can always contact us.

Minecraft Shaders Mod Pe Dl

Popular Shaders
Name one mcpe shader, we probably got it. Our favorite ones are SEUS PE Shader, ESBE 2G Shader, EVO Shader, SS10 Shader, Parallax Shaders, Fishy's Wunderful Shader and the Haptic Shader. Go check them out!🔥
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Kamii 2.0 shaders change the game’s color rendition and add advanced graphics settings. Change the game world processing level depending on your smartphone specs, for a comfortable gaming experience with no FPS degradation. These shaders improve the lighting system and shadow processing, as well as add light transmission to water and clouds.

Kamii 2.0 Shaders Direct Download Links

Kamii Shader v1.8.mcpack

Energy Shaders – great shaders that change the appearance of the game, lighting, water, fog and shadows. The shaders are compatible with most smartphones and are almost light on your device!

Energy Shaders Direct Download Links

Energy Shaders v. 3.7.2.mcpack

ESBE 2G shaders have been developed specifically for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and mobile devices. Now you can even improve the game’s graphics on an average smartphone. Even an iPhone 5s will do, and if you have a more modern smartphone, you don’t have to worry about FPS degradation in the game.

How to download shaders for minecraft pe

ESBE 2G Shaders Direct Download Links


If you’re looking for shaders for Minecraft PE that alter the game’s graphics rather than improve them, we recommend checking out 8-bit Shader. These 8-bit shaders alter the graphics and make it look like an old-school retro game from a TV console. And it all looks, just great!

8-bit Shaders Direct Download Links


ESTN Shaders are shaders for Minecraft Pocket Edition developed by a fan of the game. By installing these shaders you will be able to change the look of the game world and make your graphics look like modern games. Additionally, ESTN shaders allow you to save your settings into configuration files, share them with your friends, and download pre-made shaders from players around the world!

ESTN Shaders Direct Download Links

ESTN Overhaul.mcpack

How To Download Shaders For Minecraft Pe On Pc

Tired of shaders that burden your smartphone? In that case, check out RUSPE shaders for Minecraft PE! This version has almost no effect on performance, but noticeably improves the game’s graphics.

RUSPE Shaders Direct Download Links


Fishy’s Wonderful Shader for Minecraft Pocket Edition improves the graphics of the mobile version of the game, light and shadow processing. Overall, it’s a pretty lightweight version of shaders that will work for most smartphones and will even have a positive effect on performance in the game. If you want to make the graphics prettier, but without drastic changes – this is a great choice!

Fishy's Wonderful Shader Direct Download Links

FWS 3.10.mcpack